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I had my flu vaccine in the village hall

We’ve been hearing positive stories of people having their flu vaccines in all sorts of places, from football stadiums to supermarket drive-thrus. Here, Irene shares her experience.

I was diagnosed with asthma in my mid 60s and since then I have been much more susceptible to chest infections during the winter months.  One year my chest was so bad that I had a partially collapsed lung for some time. On another occasion, the lingering infection resulted in a broken rib from so much coughing.

Despite this, I consider myself to be fit and active for my age. I walk our dog Willow several miles each day and often look after my young grandchildren, so it is particularly important for me to protect myself and to stay as well as I can.

Whilst I can’t do much about the chest infections, other than have antibiotics and steroids at the ready, I can prevent myself from getting the flu, which I know can lead to serious complications or, at best, many days stuck in bed.

Also, with the added risk of COVID-19 this year and having read warnings about the dangers of a double infection, it seems more important than ever to get the flu vaccine.

A trip to the village hall

My husband and I were pleased to receive our flu vaccination invitations early on in September, but we were surprised to learn that it would be done in a pop-up clinic at the local village hall, rather than at our GP surgery as usual.

I think they did it this way to protect people, as the waiting room at the GP surgery is small and narrow, but it did feel strange being asked to go somewhere that wasn’t in a clinical setting.

Saying this, we had a very positive experience. When we arrived at the village hall, we were able to go straight inside - no waiting around like we usually do.  We certainly didn’t feel worried there - it was all very clean and well organised, and there was plenty of space to observe social distancing. We were able to keep our face coverings on throughout.

I’d say to anyone who is concerned about having to go somewhere different this year, don’t let that put you off getting your flu vaccine.


This year, the NHS are rolling out their biggest ever flu vaccine programme. Find out if you're eligible for a free flu jab today. If you're not eligible, you can get your vaccine at your local pharmacy or pharmacy counter for a small cost.

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28 October 2020