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IPF won't stop me from Taking Steps

Ron, who has idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), tells us why he can't be stopped from taking steps to fight lung disease. 

Ron smiling

When someone is diagnosed with a lung condition they often get depressed and think they can no longer do anything or go anywhere. I want to show people that even with a lung condition you can still exercise, you just have to do it within your limits. 
I was diagnosed with IPF in April 2014. The average life expectancy is 3 years from diagnosis and I’m now in my fourth year. 

Currently, there is no cure for this disease. But I hope that by raising this money with my sponsored Take Steps walk, we will be just a little bit closer to finding one.

Before I was diagnosed I was really active – I even completed triathlons. So a 3-mile walk may seem like nothing in comparison. But it will be one of my biggest challenges.  

Now that I have IPF I am constantly out of breath. Just walking up the stairs can make me breathless. I need to use oxygen when I walk and have to try keep as healthy as possible to prevent any chance of a flare-up, which could cause my condition to get worse. 

One of my mottos is that you learn to live with IPF, you don’t die with IPF. 

That’s why I’m going to be taking steps this June. I want to show what can be achieved in the face of such a devastating illness like IPF. 

Show your support at Take Steps

We're asking people to join us at our Take Steps walk in Dorking this June, where we're hoping to raise £15,000.  You can also hold your own Take Steps walk and get your family and friends to join. 

How you can Take Steps


My best friend died of this, at first he could drive his car to railway to watch trains for a couple of hours but had to use oxygen all the time, non smoker, drank very little alcohol and lived a very active life doing work for others while he could. He ended up in bed with 3 oxygen machines and a moisture machine, he had care vists 4 times a day to wash him and change nappies, had several visits to hospital. he handled it well and said it was not painfull but still a horrible illness. I really miss him but he did not want to keep living with it, if it was me I would have begged for euthanasia.
You are an true inspiration Ron and your positive and determined outlook is helping many I'm sure , thank you. x

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1 June 2018