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26 June 2020

I just had to work out how to stay connected

Wade lives with bronchiectasis. Here’s what he’s found living in lockdown like, and how he's staying connected.

Wade running the marathon
Wade ran the London Marathon for the BLF in 2018

The first 10 days of lockdown were very stressful. I had a lot of anxiety. But like everyone else, I thought that this would be over in a few weeks. Looking back, I treated it like a holiday break.

But as the weeks went on, I realised doing things like shopping just got more difficult.

Getting into a routine made things easier

I’m spending lockdown with my 3 kids and wife at home. And once we established a routine, things got easier. Our mindset was that we were in this for the long haul. We scheduled chores for everyone to do in the house. I even spent 3 hours cleaning the fridge out!

Mornings were all about schoolwork, and afternoons were about spending time exercising: cycling, running or walking. I’m running almost every day now, and I’ve been able to find new routes that I couldn’t do before because there was so much traffic on the roads.

I'm running almost every day

It’s been amazing to run around where I live – just the fact that I could run on the roads rather than uneven pavements made a massive difference. But now, everyone is back out on the roads again. Running on the pavements makes it difficult to maintain social distancing.

Staying connected was stressful at first

Throughout all of this, I’ve tried to stay connected with others. But keeping in contact with people using Zoom and Microsoft Teams was stressful. I’m not computer savvy so I didn’t have a clue how all of it worked. Everything was just put in front of me and I just had to work it out. Now, I know how to do it – we’ve organised a WhatsApp group for the streets around where we live, to help each other out. We give each other a hand with shopping and medication.

What am I looking forward to when this is all over? Well, McDonald’s may be open again, but they’re not serving milkshakes yet. I just want my chocolate milkshake! It's the simple things...

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26 June 2020