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I cycled 930 miles to fight lung disease!

In his biggest cycling challenge yet, Dan cycled from Lands End to John O’Groats in memory of his father in law. He was raising money for the BLF and our work supporting those with lung disease. 

I always need a challenge and target, I have run marathons, completed triathlons and multi day bike rides but this challenge was on a different level. I wanted to choose something that would step up my cycling and raise a large sum of money for this charity. 

My cycling challenge

I am 45 and have put on some weight over the years. I used to be a keen runner, but due to injury I have been unable to run for a while now. So instead I decided to give cycling a go. I’d already completed two long distance rides with my colleagues, we cycled from London to Paris and London Waterloo to Waterloo, Belgium. And then I decided to take on a new challenge! 

In September last year, a team of 6 of us cycled from Lands End to John O’Groats! That’s 930 miles of cycling, over 60 hours in the saddle and 54,000 feet of climbing. We had hoped to ride in June but due to lockdown we were unable to. This means that we missed the decent weather and were faced with colder, wetter and windier conditions. Adding to the difficulty!

The challenge was exhausting both physically and mentally but it was a truly amazing experience. As we approached the finish line, my teammates offered to let me lead them into the finish as the challenge had been my idea. But we rode in together. Crossing the finish line was very emotional. We were pleased to have finished but disappointed it was all over. 

The camaraderie of the team throughout the week, as well as donations continuing to come in, was so motivational. In the last few miles the guys even thanked me for suggesting we do the challenge together. They said training had really helped them cope with lockdown.

Why I’m supporting the BLF

I chose to cycle for the BLF in memory of my father in law. A couple of years ago we lost him very suddenly to lung cancer. It had a massive impact on my family and so I wanted to do something in his memory and to support this charity that does such fantastic work for people with lung conditions. 

Completing this epic challenge has been such a huge achievement for me. And had the added bonus of helping me get fitter and lose weight! I’m delighted with the amount of money I’ve managed to raise for the BLF and those it supports. The team and I are excited to get back on our bikes in 2021 to support the BLF again. But I think we’ll opt for something shorter next time though!

You can still sponsor Dan here

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18 January 2021