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I'm cycling to Paris to fight mesothelioma

Isobel is helping people with mesothelioma by taking on an incredible fundraiser - cycling to Paris from London! 

I’m a solicitor, and I work to help people affected by mesothelioma and their families. My firm also donates to the British Lung Foundation's mesothelioma research fund as a mesothelioma patron.

But I wanted to do more. 

Because of my work, I see just what my clients and their families have to go through because of mesothelioma. Their struggle inspired me to do something big. 

I wanted to take on a really rigorous challenge - so when I heard about the London to Paris bike ride, I decided I had to sign up! 

I’m really excited to take on the event, though if I’m honest, I’m trying not to think about the actual distance as  - the whole thing will take 3 days, which means 100km or more a day! 

"We'll be cycling over 100km a day"

"The whole thing will take 3 days, which means 100km or more a day."

It's definitely going to be a tough ride, with some very difficult, hilly sections. So I’m a little nervous, but I also know it’ll be fine. I hope that the training I put in and the Team Breathe spirit on the day will help carry me through.  

My training

At the moment, I’m cycling about 11 miles a day to and from work, then on the weekends I go mountain biking in hilly places like the Chilterns, to keep my fitness up. I just hope I can keep going throughout the winter! Then, I'll have to ramp up my training with some really long rides. But after that, the countdown to July will be on. 

On the day, we'll start off with to ride down to the coast where we’ll catch the ferry. Then we'll come out the other side, through France to Paris, where we’ll cross the finish line. We finish one day before the Tour de France finishes, which I’m really excited to see - I’m a big Tour fan! 

Isobel training for her ride! 

I want to show my support

I can't wait to cross the finish line, and celebrate with some champagne, and maybe a massage. But for me, the biggest reward will be knowing we’ve completed the challenge to support people living with mesothelioma. 

"The biggest reward will be knowing we’ve completed the challenge."

I know the funds I raise will go into funding life-changing research, or keeping the British Lung Foundation Helpline open, or helping run their many support groups. 

And in the meantime, when I’m not training, I’ll continue my work trying to get justice and financial security for people with mesothelioma. The more we can do to help people affected by this condition, the better. 

Isobel is a partner at Hodge Jones & Allen Solicitors Ltd, one of our mesothelioma patrons

Want to get involved? You can join Isobel and Team Breathe on the London to Paris challenge


Isobel, I respect your work, your approach and your values very much.  Going the extra mile is natural to you, but this is amazing! Thank you so much, from the all of us at the BLF.  Together we can make a real difference for victims of this devastating disease.

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14 January 2019