I'm frustrated by the missed opportunities to get the right medication

Lauren Couchman was diagnosed with asthma at the age of 18 despite having no symptoms in childhood.

Now 30, management of her condition is a major concern. This year Lauren has been admitted to hospital twice because of worsening symptoms. “It has been difficult,” says Lauren. “Sometimes it feels like it is out of control.”

In Lauren’s experience, opportunities are missed to give advice and support which could help her stay well for longer. “Doctors are quick to prescribe steroids rather than checking to see if I have the right inhalers or if I am using them correctly.” Despite being diagnosed 12 years ago, it was only this year that Lauren was given a written asthma plan to help manage symptoms. She also found out that her inhaler was more effective with a spacer.

Like many patients with asthma, Lauren has turned to Facebook groups for advice and support from fellow patients. “I know that many people with asthma struggle with their inhalers. Sharing our experiences and insights can make a difference.”

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19 December 2019