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I’m shielding, but can still cycle 10km!

Inspired by other people’s fundraising efforts, Ginny decided to take on a challenge of her own for the British Lung Foundation.

I have interstitial lung disease (ILD) meaning that at the moment, I’m shielding and so can’t leave the house. Not even for a walk around the block. But you’ve got to stay positive and do what you can. That’s why I wanted to do my bike challenge. I thought I’d raise some money for the British Lung Foundation, who do fundamental work for people with lung conditions, and keep active, which is good for me and my condition.

Completing my challenge

I set myself a target of cycling 10km in 5 days on my static exercise bike, doing 1km in the morning and one in the evening. It normally takes me about 5 minutes to do 1km - a bit longer when I’m talking! To help keep the fundraising momentum going, I recorded my morning cycle ride and put the video on Facebook! I beat my target on the first day and as it stands, I’ve raised £1,100 for the BLF.

I put myself under pressure by putting my challenge on Facebook - I had to keep going for everyone who had donated! But during the whole cycle, I never once thought about giving up. 

I’m finding ways to adapt

I feel lucky as I have a lovely front garden I can sit out in and talk to people passing by (staying 2 metres away of course). I used the money I would’ve spent on holidays this year extending my patio, which now makes a good socially distant cup of tea spot!

I’ve got great support from family and friends too. My son has been furloughed so can help me with essential shopping and my neighbours help me out too. I know more neighbours now than I did before! I’m even arranging a Zoom call with everyone in the road to have afternoon tea together.

I am a social person and do miss not being able to get out. I miss lunch with the girls, going for coffee and going to my local across the road. But you have to stay positive and think of other ways to get by and avoid getting depressed by watching the news all day.

I’m living for each day and setting myself daily projects. For example, cleaning out a drawer I’ve been meaning to for ages. That way, when I go to bed, I know I’ve achieved something!

To all the other fundraisers out there: keep on going! Charities need us now more than ever, and I want to inspire people to take on their own challenge.

Watch Ginny chatting about her challenege whilst she cycles 

Inspired by Ginny and want to take on a charity challenge of your own? There are lots of ways you can get involved and help support the British Lung Foundation during this critical time.

Take on a virtual challenge today!

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29 May 2020