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I'm taking on a marathon after overcoming asthma

Lucy has turned her life around after struggling to accept that she had asthma.

Lucy with her son

With my son

I’m about to run the London Marathon for the British Lung Foundation – but it could have been so different.

For a long time, I was in denial about my asthma. It wasn’t until I accepted it and started to make positive changes that I got my life back.

Getting pneumonia

On Christmas day 3 years ago, I was admitted to hospital with pneumonia. I honestly wanted to die.

I felt so ill and so exhausted. My daughter was 8 months old at the time. I was badly sleep deprived. I got very poorly, very quickly, without even realising. 

It was a whole 7 days before I was let out. My road to recovery was long and hard.

I was diagnosed with chronic asthma - and for a whole year, every day was a struggle. I battled on for the sake of my young children.

I just couldn’t accept I had asthma; it felt like it had come out of nowhere. I used to sit and think to myself, “How did this happen?! I’m a healthy, 37-year-old woman – I can’t be asthmatic!” 

I spent 2 years fighting with my doctors to keep it off my medical records.

Then something changed.

I finally realised how badly my confidence had been knocked by my diagnosis.

Learning to accept my asthma

I found myself in a better place, and I finally realised how badly my confidence had been knocked by my diagnosis.

I became more aware of my condition, and learned how to recognise the warning signs of an asthma attack. I worked out how to deal with them when they arose, and how to move forward as positively as possible. 

I wanted to be a better role model for my children. And I wanted to appreciate how lucky I’d been, really. When I went to hospital it could have gone a very different way. 

Then I found out about Breathe Easy groups 

Further down the line, while reading a magazine, I found out about British Lung Foundation’s Breathe Easy support groups and helpline.

I wish I'd known about them when I was really ill, because they're vital for people like me.

Instead, I left hospital really suffering, scared and unwell with no help, information or guidance on where to reach out to for support during my recovery. 

Now, 6 months later, I’m running the London Marathon!

Doing something big

I turned 40 in September and decided I wanted to do something big!

I decided to challenge myself to raise £5,000 for the British Lung Foundation, and raise awareness about their great work. I wanted more people to know about the help that they offer. 

I started last year by doing a 100km walk in 24 hours with my best friend.

Now, 6 months later, I’m running the London Marathon!

Some say I am crazy but I just keep reminding myself why I’m doing it! I am thrilled to be taking part and so overwhelmed by everyone’s support. It's 4 weeks to go, but I've already hit my target which is just brilliant!

Lucy walking in 2015

An amazing journey

In January I could just about run 3 miles - now I’m up to 20! I’ve met so many families with young children who’ve been affected by breathing difficulties, and it’s been amazing to inspire them, and to bring people together. 

But training is tough sometimes. With the asthma I have to be careful, as you can imagine. I train as and when I can, but sometimes I can’t.

But the exercise has helped so much – in every way. Mentally, physically, my lungs and my breathing, and my sleeping. It just helps every part of you.  

It’s been a fantastic journey and I am looking forward to crossing that finish line!

If you, or anyone you know has their own place in the London Marathon 2016 and would like to raise some money to help people with lung conditions, please do get in touch with - you can run with Team Breathe on the day. We'd love to have you!  

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8 April 2016