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Heather wants you to use the day’s most important meal to change lives. 

BLF Big BreakfastI’m really excited to tell you about a new – and extremely delicious – way for you to join the fight against lung disease. This November, we want you to spend some quality time with your friends, family or colleagues and tuck into some tasty breakfast nosh.

Could you put on a spread for friends and family at home? Or why not make yourself popular with your co-workers and organise a BLF Big Breakfast bake sale at your office?

However you decide to get involved in the BLF Big Breakfast, we’re here to help you plan your event from start to finish. You can register now and we’ll send you a free BLF Big Breakfast pack full of event ideas, fundraising tips and delicious recipes which we’re sure will inspire you. We’ve also put some of our favourite themes and recipes from celebrity chefs on the website.

To whet your appetite and get your creative juices flowing, I’ve asked a few people around the BLF office for their favourite breakfast dishes, and their own breakfast-themed fundraising ideas:

Matthew's breakfast

Living in Swansea I am partial to a bit of cockles and laver bread with layers of crispy bacon – the ultimate Welsh breakfast. This is a close second however to the Guinness Milkshake I discovered one Saturday morning! I know it’s more of a drink really, but for my BLF Big Breakfast, I’d make the Guinness Milkshake (as an accompaniment to the Welsh breakfast?). Naysayers may question its palatability and rightly so, but it’s one to try. Amazingly, there are recipes for it online – they say the malt from the Guinness adds a certain “nuttiness” to it all. Enjoy responsibly!

Bethany's breakfast

Bethany BatemanThere’s a wonderful café around the corner that serves only breakfasts. No matter what time of day it is, people queue down the street to get a table - and it’s completely worth the wait. My favourite dish that I’ve had there was the French toast with banana, bacon and maple syrup. It’s a crazy combination but it works and it is glorious! I also love cooking so I like the idea of holding a BLF Big Breakfast bake-off. Perhaps this is one for the office…

Teresa's breakfast

Teresa GoncalvesBreakfast is only something I’ve recently learnt to really enjoy! There are so many things to treat yourself with first thing in the morning. I love getting into work and having a cup of tea and a bowl of cottage cheese with sliced cherry tomatoes. It’s delicious! I’ve always been more of a savoury person than sweet, so I loved living in India and eating puri bread with curd. For my BLF Big Breakfast I’d have an Indian theme with a selection of different dishes from around the country.

Can your breakfast change lives?

Could you make the most important meal of the day really life-changing for someone affected by lung disease this November? Take a breath, take a bite, have breakfast, change lives.

Check out our BLF Big Breakfast webpages where you’ll find loads of delicious recipes and you can request your free fundraising pack.

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17 July 2014