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Keeping safe from COVID and flu this Christmas

Trudi is a student nurse and works on the frontline helping those with respiratory conditions. Find out why she is backing the Beat the Flu campaign this year

My name is Trudi and I am 21-year-old second year student nurse.

Being a student nurse isn’t easy, especially at times like these. Over the last few months, I have been working during the height pandemic as a part of my degree, first in a nursing home and now on a respiratory ward.

What it’s really like on the frontline

This front-line experience has really shown me the difficulties both the elderly and people with respiratory issues face during winter. Winter illnesses, like flu, will have a greater affect on people with existing lung conditions.

We all must play our part to stay safe and not place extra burden on those working hard to keep us well over the winter months.

That’s why this year, it is more vital than ever that the uptake of the flu vaccine is high.

 It’s so important that you get your flu vaccine, especially if you’re in the clinically extremely vulnerable group, as catching coronavirus and flu this winter could be very dangerous.  

Why you should get the jab

A sudden spike in hospital admissions for flu, coupled with admissions for COVID-19,  could push our hospitals over the brink. We cannot allow this to happen.

This flu season, I’ll be getting the flu jab to help keep those I care for and those around me safe. I hope you will get the flu jab too so that, together, we can beat the flu this winter.

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8 December 2020