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Living with bronchiectasis: Jude's story

Jude's active lifestyle changed dramatically in 2010 when she was diagnosed with bronchiectasis.

I went through a range of emotions. From being angry, to 'why me?' to, 'ok let’s do something about it'.

Here's her inspiring story:

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I was very touched by Jude's video. I have a similar story and have managed my condition firstly with probably a similar device and mucous thinning tablets.(Antibiotics for infections) My current condition is much better, 7 years after diagnosis, mainly because of some herbal mucous thinning tablets (Bromelaine) as well as prescribed, a healthy diet, and Mainly down to exercise...Nordic Walking has strengthened my lungs enormously.
My story is similar to Jude's! When I found out I had bronchiectasis, I felt it was game over and the future was bleak. I didn't like the prognosis of best case staying as poorly as I was, or worse case having part of my lungs cut out. Luckily, my 'fight' instinct kicked in and I looked for alternative therapies to steroids and 'washing my lungs from the inside' (no thank you!). I discovered Ayurveda and immediately cut all diary products and bananas from my diet. I also restricted aubergines and mushrooms and have them infrequently. My breathing improved immensely and within a week or two I could walk without being breathless. I never take inhalers or steroids unless I am in the throes of a serious chest infection. My lungs now perform better than the average 'normal' person. Like Jude, I exercise several hours a week with a mix of cardio, core and strengthening. I am a big believer in healing via exercise and nutrition rather than medication. My condition didn't degenerate, it actually improved! Hearing Jude's story was a breath of fresh air (pun intended ;-).
Jude mentioned that she uses a lung strengthening device. Can you please provide any information about this? Many thanks, James Pryal

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23 June 2017