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London breaches its annual air pollution limit in only five days

We need urgent and ambitious action to protect our lung health.

Air pollution from queues of cars

We’re less than a week into 2017 and the annual pollution limit has already been broken on a road in London.

The law says that levels of a toxic gas, called nitrogen dioxide, can’t go over a certain amount more than 18 times in a whole year.

Yet in London this level has already been reached. It’s a shocking reminder of the scale of the problem we are facing.

A risk to everyone's health

Many more roads in the capital are likely to reach the same levels this month. Air pollution poses a serious threat to all our health. Pollution can make it harder for us all to breathe, worsen lung conditions, cause lung cancer and damage children’s lung growth. It has been linked to 40,000 early deaths every year in the UK.

The majority of this pollution comes from vehicle emissions, particularly from diesel. The problem is worst in London, but many more towns and cities across the UK have illegal and unsafe pollution levels.

We need an ambitious clean air act now

The scale of this health crisis needs urgent action from political leaders. We need a fair and ambitious clean air act that sets a strategy for reducing pollution across the UK. In our towns and cities, steps need to be taken to take the dirtiest vehicles off our roads.

Let’s make 2017 the year when change happens. Help us fight air pollution by joining our campaign.

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6 January 2017