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My book explains the pandemic to children and raises money for IPF

After Lisa saw her grandson’s confusion about not being able to give her a hug, she decided to write a book explaining COVID-19 to children. She’s donating a percentage of the proceeds to fund research into IPF, as her dad was diagnosed with the condition in February.

Lockdown has been a testing time for us all. It’s hard for young children to understand why their grandparents can’t come inside and give them a hug. Adding to that my dad’s idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) diagnosis in February, it’s been a time of contemplation and change for us all.

Getting the IPF diagnosis

My dad is known as super gramp. He’s very active and loves a game of golf and going to the gym. In February he was diagnosed with IPF. Going straight into lockdown after being diagnosed was tough for him and he also found it hard not seeing friends and family.

Deciding to write my book

My grandsons found it hard to adjust to the new rules in place for us all in lockdown. We visited my daughter in April on her birthday, but could only stand outside and sing her happy birthday. I got the idea to write my book when I saw my grandson Robin look confused when he wasn’t able to run outside and see us.

When I got home that evening I thought of all the little ones out of routine not being able to see loved ones. How do you explain without making them anxious? I decided to write a children’s story and illustrate it myself, to help children understand what’s going on a little better. I’d worked in early years education for almost 20 years, so have lots of experience of children’s stories.

Supporting the British Lung Foundation with my book

When We Painted Rainbows has now been published and is selling well! In the first 2 weeks I sold over 500 copies and I’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of support I’ve had. I decided to share some of the proceeds with the BLF to go towards research for IPF.

I hope the donation I make from the sales will help improve the lives of those with lung conditions, now and in the future. Now more than ever, I want to support the BLF and their cause.

Donate today to support IPF research

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26 August 2020