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Nick's tips on how to stay connected

Nick, our medical director, knows how important it is to stay connected, especially if you're staying from other people.

He says: "a lot of services are becoming digital-first, or digital by default. What that means if you want to do something, the assumption is that it's done online."

"One of the important things when thinking about what you can do with the internet is the way that it can help with health care. A really basic thing you can do is to register with your GP practice for online prescriptions"

"A lot of consultations are going to be taking place online as well. Whereas before you'd have to go to hospital, a lot can actually be done by video call. So getting set up to do that is really helpful either on a smartphone or a computer with a camera"

Learning how to use technology can help you manage your lung condition better.

Let us help you find the right apps and online tools to make your life easier! You can search for an app or read more about how technology can help you in our guide.

Check out our technology for lung health hub

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20 August 2020