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Our swimming club squatted our way to raising £1,500 for the BLF

Dean, a coach at Folkestone swimming club, explains how fundraising has helped keep their athletes connected, even while apart.

Two of our volunteers work for the NHS. They’ve been helping lead the fight against coronavirus in our hospitals. So when we decided to do something for charity, we asked for their thoughts. They said the British Lung Foundation would be an ideal charity.

They knew the BLF would be there to support people

They told us that no one yet understands the full extent of the effect that COVID-19 has on the lungs. And they knew that the BLF would be there to support those that have been affected.

The connection didn’t stop there – another coach has raised money for the BLF before. One of their relatives had COPD and lung cancer and sadly passed away.

The goal was to do 84,390 squats

So with that in mind, we set about finding a challenge. After lots of discussion, we decided on a squat challenge. We wanted to complete 84,390 squats, which is twice the number of metres in the recently postponed London Marathon.

125 club members were going to take part.

Many of our athletes train 3 to 4 times per week, every week of the year. The club is not just a club, but a family and a way of life.  Since 18 March 2020, this way of life – seeing friends, socialising and keeping fit – has stopped.

To help support our athletes, we have been developing novel ways in attempting to keep a sense of normality and forms of fitness training. That’s where the squat challenge came from. 

We've raised over £1,500

After 11 days and lots of sore muscles, we’d completed over 90,000 squats between us. So far, we’ve raised over £1,500 for the BLF.

It was amazing to see how many members came together to achieve our goal, even while we were kept apart. It’s kept us all stay connected, and it’s lovely for all our athletes to be part of a success story.

We hope that the money we raised can help look after the nation’s lungs at such a difficult period, and I hope that one day, we’ll all have clean air to breathe.

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14 May 2020