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Penny Woods' skydive

Dr Penny Woods, BLF Chief Executive, has decided to jump out of a plane - and she’s taking a friend with her!

Think you could do do a Skydive for people with lung conditions? 

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Joining her is Judy Harris, Project Delivery Manager, in a bid to raise money for people living with lung disease. Judy says she first thought about taking the plunge after attending a BLF patient information event.

“My inspiration is a man called John with IPF who I met at one of our events. Penny and I are both petrified at the thought of doing this, but this is nothing compared to the struggle that people with respiratory disease have every day, and they are our inspiration.”

Penny adds:

“I'm terrified about doing a skydive.  But it is a lot easier than coping with the fight for breath that many of the people we work for face every day.”

Joining Penny and Judy, is Dr Richard Russell, a respiratory consultant. This is what Richard had to say:

"Why jump out of a perfectly good ‘plane? Well it’s all about my patients. Respiratory disease is an under-recognised and under-resourced area. The British Lung Foundation not only represents patients and gives them a voice, it supports, educates and is a major funder of respiratory research. I want to help the British Lung Foundation give my patients a voice and hope for the future. So, when I heard Penny and Judy were jumping out of a plane I had to join them, obviously.”

If you fancy taking a deep breath and jumping for charity, sign up for a skydive today. It's not too late to donate - sponsor Penny, Judy and Richard and send their fundraising total sky-high!

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4 March 2014