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Protecting our lungs should be a no-brainer

Chris talks about how air pollution affects him.

Chris outside our office

Campaigning with Asthma + Lung UK

I don’t want the London mayor coming down my way, just above Hornsey High Street in north London.

It’s not that I’m anti-social - or that I wouldn’t give them my very clear opinion. It’s because I worry about their health. 

I don’t want them breathing in the smog that we have to inhale day after day.

We're all affected by air pollution 

I like to look out of the window, at the setting sun. It’s not a clear view, mind, it sets behind a haze of what I believe is the city’s pollution. Our neighbourhood goes down into a valley, so the pollution gets trapped there.

We all suffer as a result.

What's more - there are 3 schools on Hornsey High Street. So what’s all this dirty air doing to the pupils’ lungs? I worry that we're poisoning the next generation.

'It really breaks my heart'

I worry that we're poisoning the next generation.

I’ve got COPD and bronchiectasis. I struggle with my lungs, but I live with it.

What really breaks my heart is when my daughter comes home coughing - from walking up the street. She’s in her 40s, but her lung health is already suffering because of our pollution-filled roads.

So, to the London mayor I say, don’t take your chances coming down my way. Instead, please hear what I'm saying. And think about it seriously. 

The next mayor must change this

You’ve got to do something to reduce the cars on London’s roads. You need to protect children’s growing lungs and measure pollution levels around schools.

I’m not a scientist, but my instinct tells me that children are walking through the school gates in a cloud of polluted air. That has to stop. 

Party politics shouldn't play into this. It’s a no brainer – we must look after the lung health of everyone in our great city.

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20 April 2016