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An exciting time for research

We have some exciting news to share about our research 

As the head of research here at the British Lung Foundation, I know the impact our research can have. We’ve been researching lung conditions for 30 years and it’s at the heart of what we do.

We know that research is what gives people hope for the future and it’s important that we keep making progress.

Our scientists are amazing, their work changes lives, and it’s important that we give them all the support they need, and make our research the best that it can be.

One thing that we can do to keep our research at a world-class standard is appoint someone to look after our research strategy and make sure we’re spreading the word about our breakthroughs as much as we can.

Andrew Peacock, director of medical and research
Andrew Peacock, our new research director

I’m delighted to say Professor Andrew Peacock is joining us to do just that. He'll be our new research and medical director.

Andrew joined us last week, and brings with him decades of experience helping people living with a lung condition and working on top-class research.

He's trained and worked in London, Oxford, Cambridge, Southampton, Glasgow and the USA. He’s an expert in his field. He’s written over 150 academic papers, reviews, and articles about lung disease.

It’s an exciting time for our research, we’ve just launched our mesothelioma research network and our scientists are hard at work trying to find cures and treatments. We’re excited about Andrew joining us to help us make more progress, faster.

You can learn more about the research we fund and the impact it has

Find out more about our research 


Ian is our head of research and has worked at the BLF for a decade. He previously studied biochemistry and worked in the medical research charity sector.

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31 October 2017