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Smoking in cars to be banned in Wales

Matthew says thanks to everyone who supported our campaign.

Smoking in cars

Here in the BLF’s Wales office we’re thrilled to learn that the Welsh government are to ban smoking in cars with children. They’ve said that after two years of raising awareness of its dangers, there is an unacceptable number of children who are still being exposed.

We’ve been calling for a ban to protect children’s health from second-hand smoke in the car since we launched our children’s charter in 2010.

We believe this is a monumental moment for children’s health in Wales, and an important step in reducing childhood health inequalities. Children from more disadvantaged backgrounds are disproportionately affected, and those from the poorest families are around twice as likely to say they’ve been in a car where someone smoked.

Children are particularly susceptible to the dangers of second-hand smoke.
  • They have smaller lungs and less developed immune systems;
  • They breathe faster, which means they can inhale more cigarette smoke than adults over the same period of time;
  • Smoking near children can cause a range of respiratory illnesses such as asthma, bronchitis and reduced lung function;
  • Second-hand smoke causes more than 165,000 new cases of disease in children every year in the UK, as well as 300,000 primary care consultations, 9,500 hospital admissions and around 40 sudden infant deaths
  • Smoking just one cigarette in a car can create smoke levels up to eleven times greater than the average smoky pub.

Check out our infographic for the toxic truth behind smoking in cars with children. Over the past two years, the support for a ban in Wales amongst politicians and the public has been tremendous - 84% of you think it should be banned. Now we know from the most recent report that children too are behind the ban! More than three-quarters of children in Wales said that smoking in cars with children on board shouldn't be allowed.

On behalf of all of us here, I’d like to send a special thanks to all of you who have supported our campaign. Thanks to all the assembly members who backed the ban and to everyone who wrote to them encouraging them to do the right thing. Thanks to our Breathe Easy groups and our colleagues in the NHS and other charities. And thanks to everybody else who helped the campaign in some way or another. We couldn’t have done this without you all. Together, we’ve made a big difference to the health of future generations.

Your voice really does make a difference! Now you can help secure a sustainable fund for mesothelioma research and save thousands of lives. Could you ask your MP to support the campaign today?


Well done B.L.F. in London and Wales and other Breathe Easy groups, also to everybody involved from other charities. Its a great achievement.

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21 July 2014