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Take steps helped our team stay connected when we weren’t together

Rupe and Adam from GSK tell us why their team took part in this year’s Take Steps challenge. And how the challenge helped them stay connected as a team, when their office was closed.

Adam: Take steps gave me something to do

With working from home becoming a more permanent scenario and increased lockdowns, it has become increasingly important for both my physical and mental health to get out the house and go for a walk or go to the gym as much as possible. It is very easy to get stuck in a rut at home in the same room day in day out, so having a challenge like Take Steps is a great incentive to push yourself to get active.

I regularly walk with Barney but I upped this more during the challenge (much to his delight!). I found that as well as pushing me to set personal goals to be as active as possible, Take Steps also made me more competitive with other team members, wanting to walk further than they did!

As head of respiratory marketing at GSK, I have some understanding of patients who are living with a lung disease. I also chose to support the BLF because of personal reasons- both my Grandparents died of lung cancer so I know first-hand of the incredible impact of the work BLF do.

I look forward to taking part in Take Steps next year! It’s a great, innovative challenge that has worked well whilst we are all virtual.

Rupe: Take steps offered me the chance to help those with respiratory conditions

I took part in Take Steps because it provided a great incentive to keep active during these unprecedented times and I wanted to support such an amazing cause.

Take Steps challenged me to be disciplined and go out and get some fresh air when I would otherwise have stayed at home inside. It has motivated me to continue to go for walks even after the challenge finished.

There are both personal and work related aspects to my decision to take part in Take Steps. Having worked in respiratory at GSK, I am very aware of both the struggles faced by respiratory patients and also the amazing work done by BLF. Equally, watching my family struggle from side-effects of smoking has made it a cause which is very personal to me.

I would love to take part in this again, it was great for team comradery and a really good motivation to get active.

Want to set up your own challenge?

We’ve put together some fun and easy fundraising ideas to keep you, your friends and family busy during lockdown and beyond!

Take a look at our fundraising ideas

A huge thank you to Adam, Rupe and everyone at GSK that took part in this year’s take steps from GlaxoSmithKline. Together they helped to raise £389 to help us continue in our efforts to provide hope, help and a voice to people with lung conditions.

If you or your company would like to take part in Take Steps please contact our events team.

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26 November 2020