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Take Steps: Kitty's wish

Joanne and her son organised a sponsored walk in Suffolk for the BLF in June.

They called the walk ‘Kitty’s Wish’ after Joanne’s mother Kitty who sadly died of COPD in April 2013. Kitty’s 6 children, 20 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren, as well as a few friends all took part in the walk to raise money for the BLF.

Joanne explains, “My son Carson was very close to my mum and wanted to do something for charity and for lung conditions. He had started planning the walk before my mum died, but sadly she passed away so the event ended up being in her memory. Doing the walk as a family was lovely. We all lead busy lives so it was nice for the family to go out together and the kids really enjoyed it.”

They chose to organise their walk locally as they all grew up in the area, so they planned a 5 mile route which captured significant places from Kitty’s life.

“We followed the way we used to walk with Mum to school and also visited the church where she was buried,” Joanne describes, “It was a very emotional day, but so special to revisit the familiar routes we used to walk together.”

Joanne and her friends and family raised an incredible £2,000 for the BLF through the walk. She explains “We did set up an online fundraising page, but found that many people donated in person. Carson wrote a leaflet about what we were doing and went round all our neighbours to tell them about the walk which raised a lot. Also, as we knew many of the local residents, we stopped at shops along the way to ask for donations.”

When asked if she has any advice for people considering doing their own sponsored walk Joanne replied, “The distance doesn’t matter! Your walk doesn’t have to be really long to make a difference. It’s all about people taking part together which is the important thing.”

If you've been inspired by Joanne's story, you can organise your own Take Steps walk, or take part in our event at Richmond Park.

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8 April 2014