Taking Steps with my pulmonary exercise group

Suzanne is a BLF Active instructor who's organising an annual walk with her pulmonary exercise group. 

We chose to fundraise for the BLF because we know of the excellent work that they do in the way of support and research and wanted to help them continue. 

We picked walking because it was a low-intensity activity that the group can do all together. Most members can do it even though they may be slow or unable to walk for long. I know how important it is as a means of exercise – especially for those with breathing difficulties, so it served two purposes.

We've decided to walk around the cricket grounds next to the leisure centre where our classes are held.

Choosing somewhere where there is help available is important. Select a circular walk with plenty of rest places. We usually finish with a drink and a slice of cake!

When planning a sponsored walk for those with breathing difficulties,  do make sure people know that there’s no pressure to walk. If someone feels poorly on the day no one will mind if they can’t take part. The group support each other and some who aren’t up to walking come to cheer on those that can.

This year was the group’s 4th sponsored walk and we raised £750. We will definitely repeat the walk next year, it’s become a firm feature in our diary! The event is always great fun and all those who take part seem to enjoy it.

If you've been inspired by Suzanne's story, you can organise your own Take Steps walk, or take part in our event in Dorking.

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11 March 2014