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Team Breathe champion Sam shares her top tips for the London Marathon

Our Team Breathe champion, Sam, is the official poster girl for this year's London Marathon, The 40th Race. Victoria, from our events team, chatted to her about her marathon experience and what this year's runners can expect from the big day.

Hi Sam! What was your favourite bit about running the London Marathon for the BLF? 

Sam - The sense of achievement, completing the ultimate physical and mental challenge. It’s exhilarating. Even if you’re not finishing on The Mall this year, you’ll still feel that when you cross your own finish line!

What was the best thing you did in the build up to the marathon? 

Sam - Hitting 20 miles in training for the first time, I was flying. That was a big milestone for me and the first time I knew I could do the real thing!

How did you keep yourself going through 26.2 miles?

Sam - Music! I created a playlist that I knew would keep up the tempo and my motivation. Audio books really work as well! I also dedicated the last few miles to people I loved. I knew that when I was finding it tough, the thought of them would get me round.

Would your recommend getting people out to cheer? 

Sam - Absolutely. I was hitting a wall towards the end, but when I saw my family at the last 800m it kept me going. Don't underestimate what a boost that is. You could even get loved ones to run bits with you, make it your own!

Do you have a top fundraising tip?

Sam - Persistence. Every time I got a donation, I put a thank you on social media. Post photos! Post Strava routes! Get friends and family to post! Constant reminders are key, it’s easy for people to forget. If you tell your connections why this is important to you, they’ll be so supportive.

What's your message for Team Breathe 2020?

Sam - Go and smash it!! Feel every moment, it’s going to be a beautiful experience. Remember why you’re running and believe in yourself. You’ll love it!

Thinking about signing up to run the London Marathon next year?

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on the BLF's finances. We need to make the London Marathon 2021 as big as possible - the more Team Breathe runners the better! Enter the ballot and choose British Lung Foundation. We need you!

Enter the ballot now!

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30 September 2020