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That's my legacy

Alan is supporting our vital research and crucial support with a gift in his will.

Rosemary, the inspiration for Alan's Breath of Life Tribute page and gift left in his will for BLF.

Rosemary’s story

Rosemary and I met as officers in the RAF and married in 1956.

She loved sport, especially swimming and tennis at which she excelled. In later life she still kept active, until she developed the dreadful lung condition, Bronchiectasis.

She endured years of infections and hospital admissions.  It was heart breaking for the family to see her suffering. She sadly passed away on Feb 5 2006. 

A cause close to my heart

The family wanted to do something in her memory so having contacted Asthma + Lung UK, we decided to set up a Breath of Life Tribute Page in her name. To ensure that we help the vital research and crucial support continue after my death, I have also left a gift in my will to Asthma + Lung UK. It is comforting to know that our support is going to help make a difference to the lives of people with lung conditions and their families.

Thinking of future generations

Someone who is diagnosed with my wife’s condition in the future could have a completely different experience, and be saved unimaginable suffering for themselves and their family. By supporting Asthma + Lung UK, we will have helped to make that happen.


Alan, pledger

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25 November 2019