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5 things you might not know about our helpline

Carol explains some little-known facts about our helpline.

BLF Helpline

1. We answered 17,000 of your calls last year

Thanks to your generosity, we could answer more calls than ever last year. We could also ring back 5,841 callers needing our advice.

But for every person we speak to there are others who don’t get through. Last year we couldn’t answer 4,400 calls. That’s more than 4,000 people who aren’t getting the essential care and advice they need.

2. We can answer a wide range of questions

Our helpline is made up of a team of information assistants and specialist respiratory nurses. They’re trained to give you information on any aspect of living with a lung condition.

You can talk to us about anything - from how to manage your condition, to going on holiday. Find out more about our helpline

Here are some of the things we get asked about:

  • travel advice
  • benefits
  • understanding your diagnosis
  • managing your condition
  • diet and exercise
  • managing flare ups

3. Our team of specialist nurses are on hand to help you

Our specialist nurses know their stuff. They can help with a range of lung-related problems, from information about specific conditions to medication and treatment options. We know that living with a lung condition can be frightening and sometimes causes anxiety about the future. Our nurses will speak to you for as long as you need to talk.

4. 1 in 5 of the calls we get are from loved ones and carers

As you may well know, lung disease doesn't just have an impact on those living with it but their loved ones and carers as well. We are there for everyone affected by a lung condition. It's vital that we give support to those looking after people living with a lung condition, too.

5. We have helpline standards badge

We know it's important for people to trust in what we do. That's why we're incredibly proud of our helpline standards accreditation. It's a nationally recognised quality standard and recognises the great work our helpline team is doing. 

Helplines partnership

And the people that call us tell us they like what we do, too. When we asked them, 99% of people we asked said they'd recommend the helpline to a family member or friend. That's important because it means we're doing a good job. It means that if you need us, we're here for you and we can help.

We need your support to help us answer more calls. Give what you can, today.

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11 December 2017