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We handed our air pollution petition to Downing Street

Harriet says thank you, after handing our air pollution petition to the government.

Handing in our air pollution petition at parliament and Downing Street

Just now, I got together with children, parents and teachers to hand our air pollution petition straight to Downing Street.

An incredible 20,365 of us have told the government that we need more action. Your support has been overwhelming.

Handing in our air pollution petition at parliament and Downing Street

Thank you, and congratulations - you've made a big difference. They'll hear us loud and clear now.

We handed the petition in to 10 Downing Street so we can be sure the Prime Minister sees how much we all care about this issue.

Then we walked to the Houses of Parliament, where the children held up their 'save our lungs' placards.

With their bright blue 'fighting for clean air' t-shirts, and their red balloons, nobody could miss them.

The danger we can't see

Every day, children are breathing air filled with pollutants that stunt lung development, exacerbate lung conditions like asthma, and cause coughing and bronchitis in children.

Air pollution is the danger to our children’s health we can’t see.

Can you imagine children in this country being forced to drink water hazardous to their health? Of course not - we’d all say that was outrageous.

We’ve learned about air pollution in school and what it does to our lungs. I want to grow up healthy, but the dirty air might mean my lungs don’t grow to a normal adult size.

9 year old Kieran, from Monks Orchard primary school

The levels of pollution in towns and cities across the country still remain above what the World Health Organisation deems safe. Even more worryingly, 3,000 schools across the UK have been identified as being in dangerous pollution hotspots.

We don’t know the full extent of the harm being done to these children, as nearly 2/3 of councils don’t monitor air quality outside their local schools. This desperately needs to change.

What we've all called for

That's what all of us who signed the petition are calling for.

We're urging the government to protect growing lungs, and monitor air quality around schools. As well as providing support to people already living with lung conditions, we want to make sure the next generation get the opportunity to grow into healthy adults. 

We want to see:

  • Air pollution monitors outside schools in the most polluted areas
  • A network of clean air zones that stops the most polluting vehicles from entering the most polluted places
  • And vitally, a new clean air act, which sets the UK’s legal limits on pollution in line with what the World Health Organisation deems safe

Anything less, and we fall short of our duty to protect children. Our next generation can’t be allowed to grow up with damaged lungs, simply because the air they inhaled daily was filled with toxic levels of pollution.

Harriet Edwards

Harriet Edwards

Harriet makes sure your voice is heard by the people in power. She's working hard to make sure we can all breathe clean air.


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6 December 2016