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We need more research, so families like mine are kept together for longer

Hazel's husband Bob died of lung disease. She wants more research so families like her's can be kept together.

Bob and his kids

Bob was in his early 40s when he was diagnosed with lung disease. He struggled to do so many of the things we take for granted, like going up stairs, and getting in and out of the car.

Bob had NSIP (non-specific interstitial pneumonia), which is a rare type of pulmonary fibrosis. It causes scarring of the lungs and 85% of those diagnosed are over 70 years of age. But my husband was diagnosed in his early 40s.

No one really knows much about pulmonary fibrosis and what causes it.

Not being able to understand what had caused it, or how it could be treated, was very scary. The huge unknown was - and is - difficult to cope with.

A lung transplant was Bob’s best hope

A lung transplant was Bob’s only chance of living an active life again with our children, Emily and Jack, and our little granddaughter, Aoife. But he died before he could have the surgery.

We urgently need new treatments and cures for lung conditions. But we need more research to find them. That’s why my family and I are committed to raising money for the British Lung Foundation.

Bob would be so proud of the fundraising we’ve done – and that I’m sharing his story with you.

Because, like me, he wouldn’t want anyone else to lose their life to lung disease. He would want families to have as much time together as possible.

We still need more research

Thanks to support from people like you and me, we understand more about lung disease than ever before. But we still need more research. With your help, we can help keep families like mine together for longer.

Imagine if we knew more about lung disease like Bob’s.

If we knew more, maybe my husband and father to my kids, Grandpa to Aoife, and my funny, kind friend would still be here.

If we knew more, perhaps Bob would have been on different medication.

If we knew more, his journey through this illness could have been easier. We would have found coping easier and had a sense of hope, not felt so scared.

You can help us know more

We can know more not just about Bob’s disease, but every lung disease. And that gives me hope.

When lung disease took Bob’s breath away, it stole his future and robbed him of the chance to spend time with our children and granddaughter.

I don’t want anyone in the future to miss out on life with their loved ones.

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13 May 2019