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Today's budget is a huge success for the campaign for cleaner air

Amazing news! The chancellor has announced increases to taxation for new diesel cars.

It's a massive victory for our campaign for cleaner air. But more importantly, it's brilliant news for your health.

The increase on tax on new diesel cars will have a real effect on reducing the harmful air pollution in our towns and cities. It's also the first step towards the government’s 2040 target to ban the sale of new diesel and petrol.

That's something to celebrate.

Air pollution increases our risk of getting lung cancer. It can also stunt children’s lung growth and worsen symptoms for people with asthma and COPD.  Most of the pollution we breathe in comes from traffic emissions, particularly from older and polluting diesel, which has more toxic particles and poisonous gasses than other fuels.

But in the past, people were encouraged to buy diesel. As a result, diesel now makes up around half the cars on our roads, and many of them have ended up being much more polluting than we expected. 

It's true that some newer diesels are cleaner, but not all of them, like the New Euro 6 diesels, which are on average seven times more polluting in urban driving conditions than they should be.

When people buy a new car, it's essential that the tax they pay reflects the harm it could cause to our health. That’s why we are supportive of these changes.

What's next?

Now, the government need to help people move away from dirty cars towards cleaner forms of transport. To encourage this, we want them to fund a targeted diesel scrappage scheme that provides incentives for electric cars, public transport, walking and cycling.

These tax changes are an important step, but won't solve the problem completely. The government need to bring in a comprehensive clean air strategy that puts in clear plans to protect all our health.

Join our clean air campaign today and help us demand change - sign up for updates on our air pollution campaign via the link below. 

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22 November 2017