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We want all political parties to sign up to these 3 things

As you'll have heard, there is a general election in June. We believe there are three areas of policy change that will lead to real improvements in the nation’s lung health.

We want all parties to sign up to these.

Sarah, from our policy team, explains the 3 things we want:

We want to see a world where everyone can breathe clean air with healthy lungs.

Lung disease is the third biggest killer in the UK. It affects the lives of over 12 million people and costs the NHS billions each year. But not enough progress has been made to tackle lung conditions.

We want the next government to commit to a taskforce for lung health to address our poor track record in tackling lung disease.

A new government must deliver ambitious plans to clean up the air we breathe. This includes a commitment to strong action on emissions from diesel vehicles. Along with a realistic scrappage scheme that enables people to trade in their old cars for cleaner alternatives

Finally, smoking is a major factor behind lung disease. Almost half of lung disease related deaths are estimated to be caused by smoking.

We need a new tobacco control plan for England to help reduce smoking rates. Ambitious targeted action will help current smokers quit – particularly those in less well-off regions, pregnant women, and people with mental health issues – and ensure that children and young people don’t take up the habit.

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28 April 2017