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We're campaigning for a better Environment Bill

On clean air day we called on MPs to back stronger air pollution laws. Zak from our policy team explains our work.

Almost every week, there is new evidence that shows air pollution is damaging the nation’s lungs. People with existing lung diseases are finding it harder to breathe in our polluted towns and cities. Yet our current laws don’t go far enough to set out strong targets to protect your health.

For Clean Air Day, we joined forces with Unicef UK, Asthma UK and the British Heart Foundation to call on MPs to address this public health emergency in the upcoming Environment Bill.

The bill is an opportunity for the UK to become a world leader on the environment and set out standards to protect everyone’s health. We think it’s essential that the government commits to three legally binding targets in the upcoming bill:

  1. A reduction of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) in line with the World Health Organisation’s air quality standards.
  2. The protection of existing EU air quality standards after Brexit.
  3. Future air pollution limits for other pollutants, such as sulphur dioxide, to be tied to WHO standards.

Around one in three children in the UK are currently growing up in areas with unsafe levels of air pollution. Air pollution been proven to leave children with lasting health problems, including stunted lung growth, and an increased risk of life-threatening asthma attacks and pneumonia.

Collectively, we’ve written to every MP with a joint briefing that outlines these health impacts, asking parliamentarians across all parties to support our call for stronger targets. Throughout this year, we will be campaigning to ensure that the Environment Bill protects the nation’s lung health.

You can also help us fight for safer and cleaner air by signing up to the campaign.

Campaign for cleaner air 

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21 June 2019