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William's story

William, 66, lives in London with his wife Christine and has had IPF since 2011.


In December 2011 William was taken ill and treated for pneumonia – which had gone undiagnosed for several weeks. Then on Friday 13 January 2012, William’s wife found him asleep on their stairs and so took him straight to A&E, where he was then diagnosed with IPF.

William’s health was fine for the first six months, but, in June 2012, his health got drastically worse and he was admitted to Newham General Hospital where he spent 6 weeks in acute care. He was told he had less than 6 months to live and would be very lucky if he made it past Christmas.

To the doctors astonishment William is still alive over a year later. Thanks to the doctors' lifesaving efforts they been able to change William’s prognosis and after 3 months of being on Hackney Hospice’s list he was taken off it. William is on 24 hour oxygen and takes over 32 tablets a day. He also has COPD, a blood clot and a weak heart.

William’s wife Christine shares how much he means to her:

“We are blessed that William is still alive and I am so happy he is still here with me. He has surprised everyone, they all thought he’d be gone by now. At the moment we enjoy life as it comes as we know it can’t go on forever but for now we are together and have each other”.

William Taylor talks about his approach to living with IPF:

“After taking all the tablets, having a positive approach to life, keeping busy with one's brain and lots of laughter and smiling makes everything worthwhile. P.s, a small rum helps the medicine go down”.

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22 September 2013