With your support, we continue to campaign for better lung health.

Thanks to the help of our thousands of supporters, we campaign on a wide range of important lung health issues in the UK. From raising awareness to contributing to government policy, we're working hard to make sure the voices of everyone affected by a lung condition will be heard.

Neil Fitzmaurice in smoking in cars lung health campaign
Smoking in cars with children
Smoking in a car, even with the windows down or air conditioning on, exposes passengers to potentially toxic levels of second-hand smoke.
The risk is even greater for children, who have smaller lungs, faster breathing, and less-developed immune systems.
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Air pollution
Air pollution and our campaign for cleaner air
Air pollution can be a serious problem for people living with lung conditions, and is a cause for concern for everyone else. We're campaigning for cleaner air in the UK.
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Plain cigarette packing
Plain packaging for cigarettes
Around two thirds of current smokers start before the age of 18. It’s vital to stop the tobacco industry from using carefully-designed packaging to attract young smokers.
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Ann keeping active with COPD
World COPD Day 2015
World COPD Day 2015 will take place on Wednesday 18 November. We're raising awareness and encouraging people to manage their COPD for a better quality of life.
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Mesothelioma research
Over the next 30 years 60,000 people will die from mesothelioma – unless new treatments are found. We’re calling on the insurance industry to invest more in research funding.
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IPF patient charter
Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF)
We're calling for more to be done to help fight IPF and the devastating impact it has on the people affected. Find out how we're driving change in parliament, research and treatment for IPF.
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Lung cancer
Lung cancer - Tackling emergency presentation
Our latest lung cancer report includes recommendations for improving diagnosis and care, and reducing people diagnosed during an emergency admission.
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Sleeping man
Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA)
Awareness levels of OSA are low, but treatment is available and is often very effective. We’re campaigning to raise awareness of OSA and to improve OSA services nationwide.
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Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, London
Our work in parliament
We campaign for improvements in all areas of lung health including diagnosis, awareness, treatment, care and research.
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Ron Flewitt visits parliament to speak about IPF
Campaigning stories on our blog
We couldn't do it without you. Read the stories from the people involved in our campaigns, from politicians to health care professionals and people living with conditions themselves.
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