Clare with her family
Clare with her daughter and husband

Clare’s mum, aunt and grandad were all taken by IPF. Now she’s been told the devastating news that she has the same condition. 

She says: "Research is the only way to find new treatments and stop my life, and so many others, being cut short by lung disease.

But it’s expensive to do, so please support the BLF. They can’t do their research without you."

Louise Wain

Professor Louise Wain is one of the UK's best lung disease researchers. Her research will help change the future. And it’s only possible with your support!

"I’m interested in IPF and COPD because they are two of the most devastating lung conditions. It is vital that we develop new ways to tackle both conditions.

My research could save lives and transform the future for people with IPF and COPD. But it’s only possible because of funding from the BLF."

Although lung disease has just as great an impact on the nation’s health as heart disease or cancer, it receives only 2% of UK charity medical spend. In contrast, 30% is spent on cancer and over 10% on heart disease. We can’t let this situation continue. Please donate now.Ian, our head of research