BLF Professionals

We support BLF Professionals to improve care, educate patients, their families and carers, and develop more effective services for people with lung disease.

BLF Professionals are health care professionals with a special interest in respiratory care, employed by a primary (or secondary) care organisation or health board.

Benefits for health care professionals include:

  • Regional study days
  • Opportunities to shadow other services
  • Networking
  • Help engaging patients
  • Receive testimonials about the work done in support of the BLF

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Being a BLF Professional is great. It helps me access specialist training and networking, meaning I can do a better job for my patients. We actively involve our patients in British Lung Foundation services. Our patients value this, and our close connections to the BLF.Leanne Hall, physiotherapist

Your interests

We’d like you to tell your patients and other health care professionals about the ways we can support people affected by lung disease, such as through Breathe Easy and our helpline. But we’d also like to work together in other ways to improve life for people with respiratory conditions.

All health care professionals are stretched, so we would like you to tell us where your interests lie and what would be easy for you to do within your current role. Whether that’s:

  • improving patient support;
  • raising awareness of respiratory issues locally or nationally;
  • helping us to develop new projects;
  • training other health care professionals;
  • campaigning for changes on a governmental level;
  • raising money to fund research into lung disease;
  • or helping respiratory patients get their voices heard in local commissioning.

Or perhaps there’s another way that you would like to work with us?

Working together

You will be asked to sign a memorandum of understanding, setting out what you will do as a BLF Professional and what we at the BLF will do for you in return, such as the benefits mentioned above and providing you with a BLF branded lanyard to supplement your uniform.

Once a year, we’ll ask you to let us know how many patients you have seen in your capacity as a BLF Professional. You’ll also write a short impact summary talking about the work that you have done with, or on behalf of, the BLF. This is to show our funders the impact that the programme is having so we can secure funding for further training opportunities the following year.

If you would like to become a BLF Professional or would like more information about the programme then please call Bethany on 020 7688 5557 or fill out our application form.

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