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Respiratory Innovators Network

About our Network

We want to make sure people with lung disease are at the heart of innovation. Through working with patients for more than 30 years, we have built a unique bank of insights that can optimise products and ensure maximum effectiveness and uptake.

Over 545 million people are affected by respiratory disease worldwide. Asthma + Lung UK recognises the huge potential that innovation has to transform outcomes for people with lung disease.

Why join us?

In our Innovators Network, you’ll hear about the best ways to design around patients and their unmet needs. It’s also a great opportunity to develop connections with others, such as healthcare professionals, regulators and investors interested in new technologies.

Through our Connect to Innovate event series, and our other activities, we will share insights from people with lung disease and promote opportunities to work more closely with Asthma + Lung UK on innovation challenges.

You can either join as an individual member or as the lead representative for an organisation. If you join as a representative of an organisation, you must have the authority to act on behalf of that organisation. Every member will need to read and agree to our terms of membership.

Join our Network for free:

  • Get chances to attend our Connect to Innovate events (mix of face-to-face and online events)
  • Hear who else is in on our Network and their area of interest
  • Receive support from our Network team to make meaningful connections
  • Be first to bid for insight packages tailored to your individual needs
  • Take part in our funded innovation challenges

Upcoming events

Connect to Innovate: self-management technologies
Face-to-face event; Friday 10 June, central London

Join our network