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Who we are

In 1985, Professor Sir Malcolm Green and his colleagues founded the BLF because research into lungs was underfunded and underappreciated, and lung diseases were poorly understood.

We’ve invested over £30 million in vital research. Lung disease is the 3rd biggest killer and affects more than 12 million people in the UK. Research is crucial to bring hope and help to everyone affected.


Our research areas

We aim to fund research predominantly in these areas:

I’m lucky - I had a lung transplant last year. I’m amazed how little is known about IPF, even about the basics of the disease and how to treat it. We desperately need more research because I’m an exception - most people die within 3 years of diagnosis.Steve, who lives with IPF

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We rely on donations to fund this work. Thanks to people like you, we can make a difference with research.