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Respiratory Innovators Network Terms of Membership

Innovators Network terms of membership

Please read the below terms of membership for Asthma + Lung UK’s Innovators Network

Please note your application still needs to be approved. If you are approved and become a member of the Innovators Network, then the act of applying to join means you agree to the following:

The Innovators Network will provide opportunities for increased connection with other innovators, researchers and healthcare professional interested in new technology, regulators and investors.  

The administration and logistics support for the Network will be provided by Asthma + Lung UK If you have questions, comments or complaints please email

You can join as an individual member or as the lead representative for an organisation. If you join as a representative of an organisation, you must have the authority to act on behalf of that organisation

What you’ll get

•            Chances to attend our Connect to Innovate events (mix of face-to-face and online events)

•            Introductions to who else is in our Network and their areas of interest

•            Support from our Network team to make meaningful connections

•            First opportunity to bid for insight packages tailored to your individual needs

•            Invitations to take part in our future funded innovation challenges


How we process applications

We perform due diligence on each person who joins our Network to ensure that by associating with you and your organisation we do not damage the reputation of Asthma + Lung UK.

By signing up for the Network, you are declaring you do not have links to or receive funding from the tobacco industry, and that you do not profit from tobacco companies and polluting industries (if you have any questions about this please email You also agree that any published claims about the benefit of your product for people with lung disease are supported by impartial evidence.

Asthma + Lung UK does not endorse specific products or businesses. By joining our innovators network, you are signing up to receive updates and invitations to our events and other opportunities. This is not a formal partnership and does not represent an endorsement of your business or products by Asthma + Lung UK. You may not use our logo or claim association to Asthma + Lung UK without our written permission.

By joining the Innovators Network you agree:


  • To receive communications about the Innovators Network from Asthma + Lung UK by email and phone. 
  • That Asthma + Lung UK may contact you about other related activity outside of the Innovators Network but considered to be relevant to you as an innovator, such as funding calls. 
  • That Asthma + Lung UK and other Innovators Network members may contact you, via the email or phone you provided upon sign up, about the information you have shared within the Innovators Network. 

Information sharing

  • Upon joining the Innovators Network you will provide information about your interests and who you want to connect with. This information and your email will be shared with other Network members. 
  • You will only share information you feel comfortable for Asthma + Lung UK and other Innovators Network members to have access to. 
  • Not to disclose, outside the Innovators Network, information you have received from within it unless you have the permission of the person who provided the information and Asthma + Lung UK.
  • Information that is potentially commercially sensitive should not be discussed in the Innovators Network or communicated through Innovators’ Network channels. It is advised you put in place NDAs or CDAs if you want to share commercially sensitive information between parties.
  • To respond to requests from Asthma + Lung UK to update your member information in a timely manner. 
  • To notify Asthma + Lung UK and update your Innovators Network profile information if your contact information, role or company/institute changes.
  • If you are an organisational representation and not an individual member to notify Asthma + Lung UK if you leave that organisation. If another representative is appointed, they need to make Asthma + Lung UK aware, give their details and agree to these terms of membership. If another representative is not appointed for your organisation, it may no longer be a member of the Network.

Values and behaviours

  • Act in an open, fair and transparent manner in relation to the Innovators Network at all times.

Termination of membership

  • You have the right to terminate your membership at any point by writing to the Innovators Network administration team via
  • Asthma + Lung UK reserves the right to terminate your membership if, after consultation with the senior staff, it believes there is a reputational risk to the charity of your continuing membership of the Innovators Network.

How Asthma + Lung UK will manage your data 

We agree to:

  • Treat your data with care and in line with our privacy policy.
  • Make every effort to keep your data up-to-date by asking you to check what we hold periodically, but we also rely on you notifying us of any major changes (for example, changes to your contact details or if you move companies).

The data we hold on you in relation to the Innovators Network can be seen by you at any time.