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Share your voice

Use your voice and experience to shape services for others affected by lung conditions

We work alongside people affected by lung conditions, including carers and family members, to develop the most relevant services and the most impactful policy changes. Ultimately, we work together to create change by bringing the voice of people affected by lung conditions to the forefront of conversations.

Have your say on health care policy

If you’re interested in influencing the future delivery of respiratory healthcare through policy and services, you can use your experience to work with us and other organisations involved in the Taskforce for Lung Health to shape the direction of healthcare and improve care for people affected by lung conditions. The Taskforce is committed to putting the priorities of people with lung conditions at the centre of its work.

Help us improve our health information

Our online and print health information is written for and reviewed by people affected by lung conditions. Would you like to have your say about how this information is written and communicated? You can join our list of health information reviewers. Our information covers everything from sleep to physical activity, and so your input into the content is invaluable.

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