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BLF Support Groups and Singing for Lung Health Groups

Our support groups are about making new friends and connecting with others who know what you're going through. They are run by volunteers who organise information and support about how to manage and live with a lung condition.

We also have Singing for Lung Health groups that are run by trained BLF Singing for Lung Health instructors. You can find out more about how our sessions can help improve your breathing technique and stamina here

Breathe Easy group

Find out if there is a BLF Support group or Singing for Lung Health group running in your area here, (some of our groups also run online on Zoom)

Find support in your area

About our support groups

At the start of the pandemic, our support groups stopped meeting face to face.

But that didn't stop us supporting you!

Watch our Head of Support Groups, Petra explain how our BLF Support Group network has adapted to the pandemic and continues to offer vitally needed support to people living with lung conditions.

To find out if there is a group near you meeting or running online sessions or if you would like some advice or support on digital technology, please e-mail [email protected] or call our Group Support Officers on 0300 3030 253.


International support group

Derek from South Wales has founded an online International Breathe Easy group.  It has many members from the UK and many other English speaking countries so is truly international.

Meetings are informal and friendly offering lots of information with the occasional speaker that ranges from a health care specialist to someone that will make you laugh.

International Breathe Easy meets every  Wednesday using the Zoom platform at 7pm London time, 2pm New York time. Meetings usually last for about an hour and twenty minutes and are very interactive with discussions on a variety of topics with members from the UK, USA, Canada, Holland and Australia.

Derek can be contacted at  [email protected] or 07837 654728 for more information. There is also a private Facebook group that you can request to join here:

A Singing for Lung Health group will start Monday 1st November for 6 weeks, 7pm London time, 2pm New York time. This group is led by Salvia, who has taken part in our BLF Singing programme. This means they’ve been trained to lead singing groups for people with lung conditions. You can contact Salvia at  [email protected] for more information.

Watch Derek explain how his group supports and helps so many people with lung conditions.

Online support group

Our weekly online support group launches on Wednesday 6 October. It’s eight sessions designed to support people with lung conditions.

The sessions are now full, but you register interest for future sessions here.

Email [email protected] or call 0300 3030 253 to find out more.

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