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Harmonica for lung health

Our harmonica sessions taking a break over the Summer. You can register your interest in this course by clicking the link here. We can then let you know when registration opens.

Learn a new skill, strengthen your breath and have some fun.

You will learn to play some folk, country and blues music, as well as learning new breathing techniques and strengthen your breathing and coughing muscles.

The harmonica sessions are run by Chris Startup, who is also a Singing for Lung Health Practitioner and has been running lung health groups for more than six years.

Chris attended the University of Northampton in 2000 combining Music and Drama as a Degree (BAHons). After graduating he began teaching in the theatre and became a Musical Director. He has now been teaching music privately for the over 20 years, running choirs, vocal sessions, harmonica classes and teaching instruments ranging from Acoustic Guitars, Bass Guitar,Piano, Bouzouki, Harmonica, Banjo, and singing, (to name but a few).

The six weekly sessions will take place from 10:30 to 11:30am every Thursday, and we ask that you attend all six sessions if possible. We understand your health may not allow this but ask you do your best and let us know if you can't attend.

You will need a C major diatonic 10 hole harmonica for the sessions! 

Watch Chris demonstrate a harmonica exercise here