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Motivational Mondays

Motivational Mondays are our Singing for Lung Health sessions with Helen Hayes. The sessions include relaxation and breathing exercises and also singing.

The sessions take place on Zoom every Monday from 10.30am to 11.15am but we have introductory sessions from 10am for new attendees.

Email or call 0300 222 5800 to find out how to register for these sessions.

Following a career in music and teaching, our instructor Helen Hayes trained as a Singing for Lung Health practitioner and has been delivering our weekly sessions over Zoom.

”It is so rewarding seeing people learn how to become aware of their breathing habits, notice them and with support, make even small changes which are beneficial to their health and wellbeing. The online Motivational Mondays sessions with Asthma + Lung UK have reached some of the most vulnerable people and given them a chance to connect and feel they are doing something pro-active. It is fantastic to see people’s smiles as they sing and move. It is also very satisfying to get such amazing feedback from them about how doing the exercises are helping them to manage some of the symptoms associated with their lung conditions. “ Helen


Watch Helen demonstrate a breathing exercise designed to extend the out breath

I'm enjoying the support groups so much & am getting lots out of them. The relaxation, breathing exercises & singing with Helen have really helped. I use the box breathing to help me get to sleep."

I find the facilitator, warm, patient, calm, friendly and very knowledgeable. The exercise techniques are very helpful and when repeated help to rectify the errors. I also find that participants sharing own experiences is food for thought. The singing helps me to focus not only on the breath but warm memories of life in general."