Dealing with your mental health

What is depression?

Depression is a low mood that lasts for a long time, and affects your everyday life. It’s common – it affects nearly 1 in 6 people in the UK.

Having a long-term lung condition can be difficult to cope with. In some people, this can lead to depression.

In its mildest form, depression can mean being in low spirits. It doesn’t stop you leading your normal life, but makes everything harder to do and seem less worthwhile. At its most severe, people might give up the will to live.

If you are feeling down and are not sure who to turn to, you can always give our helpline a call. The friendly and supportive team will be able to offer advice and lend a caring ear. Call them on 03000 030 555.

What causes depression?

Depression may have no obvious cause, or it can be set off for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • long-term health problems, such as living with a lung condition
  • difficult things that have happened in the past
  • difficult events such as losing your job, the end of a relationship, bereavement or family problems
  • other mental health problems such as anxiety
  • side effects of medication
  • alcohol

If someone already has depression, having a long-term lung condition may make their depression worse.

I have suffered from depression in the past related to divorce. Hopelessness, debilitating grief and sadness are my main memories of an awful time.

When I knew I was recovering, it felt like the sun had come out again after a very dark two years. I recovered completely and got back to work. I’ve not experienced depression since and am not subject to low mood nowadays.


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Last medically reviewed: March 2018. Due for review: March 2021

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