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How our helpline can help you

Our helpline team is trained to give you information on many aspects of living with a lung condition. We'll lend you a caring ear when you need it.

We'll take the time to talk things through with you, and explore any social and practical difficulties you might have. You don’t have to face living with a lung condition on your own.

Calling us is free and always completely confidential. We're here for you whether you're affected by a lung condition - including families, friends and carers - or worried about your lung health.

Call the helpline now

What questions can we answer?

You can talk to us about anything - from how to manage your condition, to going on holiday. Or just to say hello.

Here are some of the things we've spoken to people about recently:

  • How to manage your condition
  • Information about specific conditions
  • Options about medication and treatments
  • What diet or exercise might be appropriate
  • Helping people to understand and accept their diagnosis
  • Learning how to manage flare –ups
  • How to arrange oxygen for holidays abroad
  • Welfare benefits that can be claimed.

We don’t have access to your medical records, so you may need to go back to your health care team for answers to some questions. And we can't diagnose you or comment on the results of any test or investigations. If you have questions like this, you should talk to a local health care professional.

We're only trained to provide advice on the treatment and management of conditions in the UK.

How to get in touch

By phone

Call us on 0300 222 5800.

We'll give you as much time as you need to talk about what's important to you. This means sometimes our lines might be busy when you call. If you can't get through, you can keep trying or leave us a message.

All calls cost no more than a local call from a landline or mobile and will be included in your call package.

We're available Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm. We'll try to answer the phone within 6 rings, but that might vary if we're busy.

We're closed on bank holidays and between Christmas and New Year, and we might occasionally be closed for short training periods to make sure we're offering you the best support possible.

We do record or monitor calls for training and evaluation, and unfortunately we can’t return calls to numbers that bar withheld or anonymous numbers.

By email

Send an email

You can send us an email, and we'll aim to reply within 3 working days.

Support in other languages

If you'd like to speak with us in a language other than English, just give us a call and tell us your name, telephone number and the language you wish to speak in. We'll arrange for an interpreter to call you back within a few minutes.

We love your feedback

At the end of your call, we might ask if you would be willing to provide feedback on the service we gave you. If you agree, someone will call you back to ask you some questions.

You can also let us know what you think of our helpline by filling out this short form.

Your feedback is really important, as it means we can make sure we're offering the best possible service.