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Warm up: exercise video

Before doing any exercise, always remember to warm up first. Warm-ups are important to get you ready for exercise and prevent injury

In this video, Julie shows you how to warm up every time before you exercise so you gently prepare your joints, muscles and heart. She also explains the 3 levels of warm-up exercise demonstrated – it’s important you pick the level that’s right for you.

Geoff, Yvonne and Mick do the 11 exercises to warm up at their own pace. The video lasts 7 minutes and 48 seconds.

Level 1: For people who get short of breath during activities like showering and dressing and moving around their home.

Level 2: For people who get out of breath doing things like carrying light groceries, mowing the lawn and hoovering.

Level 3: For people who feel short of breath after doing high energy activities like walking up hills and carrying heavy groceries.

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