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Advice and support if you have breathing problems

The British Lung Foundation has lots of advice and support for people who are living with breathing issues, such as breathlessness. We also have advice on eating well, staying active and dealing with your mental health, which you might find useful.


Getting out of breath is normal when you exert yourself, but sometimes breathlessness can be unexpected. This advice is for people who want to find out about breathlessness is, what can cause it and where you can find support for your breathlessness. 
Find out more about breathlessness

Eating well

We cover what a healthy diet looks like and why it’s important, as well as tips on maintaining a healthy weight. 
Find out more about eating well

Stay active

Our Stay active, stay well exercise videos give you everything you need to start exercising. They include step-by-step aerobic and strength exercises that are suitable for everyone, no matter your level of fitness.
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Mental health

We have advice on anxiety and depression, including symptoms, how you can manage your anxiety and depression, and where you can find support.
Find out more about mental health

Speak to us

Our team of respiratory specialists are here to support you with Long COVID breathlessness.
9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday

0300 222 5942

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Support groups and online communities

You might find it helpful to join a support group, where you can share your experience and talk to others who also have Long COVID. Here are a few UK-based support groups:

Your stories

Lots of people have shared their stories of recovering from COVID-19. Some of these people were treated in hospital, but many have been recovering at home.

Help us help you

We need to understand more about breathing and other difficulties after COVID-19. If this affects you, or someone you care for, we would like to hear from you.

By taking our survey you will contribute important information. The data we collect will help guide research and help us develop our services. This will allow healthcare providers and others to better meet your needs.

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