Signs of breathing problems in children

When should I call 999 about my child's breathing?

Call 999 now if your child has any of these breathing-related symptoms.

If you’re worried about your child's breathing, and afraid your child is becoming very ill right now, it’s vital to act quickly. Your child may need urgent treatment.

  • Your child has severe breathing difficulties or is exhausted from trying to breathe.
  • You can see the muscles under their ribs sucking in with each breath.
  • Your child is grunting with the effort of trying to breathe.
  • Your child is breathing fast:
    • more than 50 breaths per minute for infants (2-11 months).
    • more than 40 breaths per minute for children (12-59 months).
  • You're unable to wake your child or, if woken up, they are very drowsy and don't stay awake.
  • Your child’s breathing stops for more than 10 seconds at a time, or there are regular shorter pauses in their breathing of 5-10 seconds while they are awake.
  • Your child’s skin turns very pale or blue, or the inside of their lips and tongue are blue.
  • Your child has had or is having a fit, and has never had one before.

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Last medically reviewed: September 2016. Due for review: September 2019

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