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Welfare benefits when living with a lung condition

What you might be eligible to claim

If you live with a lung condition that affects your mobility or your ability to work, you might be eligible to claim benefits.

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Am I eligible for benefits?

You might be eligible to claim benefits if you:

  • have care or mobility needs because of your lung condition, or
  • cannot work due to your lung condition, or
  • are thinking of giving up work because of your lung condition, or
  • care for someone with a lung condition.

Having a lung condition doesn’t entitle you to welfare benefits. Benefits depend on how your lung condition affects your care or mobility needs, or your ability to work.

For general advice on welfare benefits, call our helpline on 03000 030 555.

Use an independent benefits calculator to find out what benefits you could get, how to claim and how your benefits will be affected if you start work.

Benefits you might be entitled to

Care and mobility

If you have difficulties with daily living needs, getting around or need a carer’s help, you could be entitled to care and mobility benefits.

Read more about care and mobility benefits

People unable to work

You could be eligible for benefits if you cannot work because of your lung condition.

Read more about benefits for people unable to work

Universal Credit

Universal Credit is a payment to help with living costs for those who have a low income or are out of work. We have information about Universal Credit and when you might be entitled to claim.

Read more about Universal Credit

Conditions caused by work

If your condition is caused by work that you do or have done, you could be entitled to compensation.

Read more about benefits for conditions caused by work

Carers benefits

We have information on the financial help available for carers, including taking a break (respite care).

Read more about carers benefits

Prescription costs

Learn when you're entitled to free prescriptions and how a prescription prepayment certificate can reduce your costs. 

Read more about help with prescription costs

Help with heating costs

It’s important to stay warm in winter if you are living with a lung condition. Find out more about how to get help with your heating costs.

Read more about help with heating costs

Additional benefits

There are a number of additional benefits that could help you if you have a low income.

Read more about additional benefits

Your lung condition may change, so you should review your situation regularly to ensure you’re claiming everything that you are entitled to.

Qualifying rules for benefits

Each benefit has different qualifying rules. But there are two main criteria – means and contributory:

  • Means-tested - if a benefit is means-tested it will take into account your other benefits, savings and income.
  • Non-means-tested – if a benefit is non-means-tested it won’t take into account your other benefits and income.
  • Contributory – if a benefit is contributory you need to have paid a certain amount of national insurance contributions.
  • Non-contributory – if a benefit is non-contributory it won’t take into account your national insurance contributions. 

Do you live in Northern Ireland?

If you live in Northern Ireland, take a look at the NI Direct page and the AdviceNI pages. You can also call the Benefit Enquiry Line 0800 232 1271 Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm or email [email protected]

Download our welfare benefits information (PDF, 119KB)

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