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Clean Air Champions Scheme

Get your school or group involved in the fight for clean air – become a Champion! 

The Clean Air Champions scheme is our new programme for students to become ambassadors for clean air. 

The scheme has 3 building blocks that students take action on to become Clean Air Champions: raising awareness, campaigning, and fundraising by organising a sponsored walk through our dedicated website.

For our young change-makers, fighting for clean air is fighting for their future – both for their environment and for their health.

Interested in being involved? Your school not on board yet? Let us know - we’d love to hear from you! 

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Air pollution is the largest threat to public health in the UK. One in every 11 children in the UK have asthma and breathing in polluted air can be dangerous for them.

How it Works

To raise awareness, Champions use our free resource pack to build their knowledge of air pollution and then spread the word to their school and community. This could be talking to their class, presenting in assembly or making a display board – whatever they choose!

Through campaigning, Champions can use their voices to make a difference. This could be by writing a letter to their MP, signing a petition or spreading the word in their local community.

With their teachers or fellow students, Champions will organise a sponsored walk with your whole school. Switching journeys in the car to walking, cycling, or riding your scooter can have a positive effect on the quality of air. This could be a walk to school week, a day of walking or a whole month of walking – you can design the challenge however works best for you. Sign-up using our dedicated website, join a team with your class and watch your school top the leader board!

Want to find out more? Don’t hesitate to get in touch! Email us here