An open letter to the next prime minister

Tell the next government that lung health should be a priority

For too long, lung health has been overlooked. After the general election in a few weeks a new government will be in place, so we'll have the chance to ask them to prioritise our lungs.

We need to take action to improve the way we care for people living with lung disease. And we need to prevent more people from getting lung disease in future.

We’re asking the next prime minister to: 

  • back national plans for lung health, including the Taskforce for Lung Health’s five-year plan.
  • clean up air pollution and protect the most vulnerable people from its effects.
  • make sure that everyone who smokes can access stop smoking services.

Add your name to the letter and help us campaign for healthy lungs and clean air. 

We’ll send the letter to the prime minister when elected. Help us tell the next government they need to back national plans to improve respiratory care, to clean up air pollution and to help smokers to quit.  

It'll only take 2 minutes. Your help really matters. 

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