Campaign for cleaner air

Thousands of you signed our petition to protect children’s growing lungs from dirty air.

Air pollution children

Many towns and cities across the UK have unsafe levels of air pollution from traffic fumes.

These fumes can make it harder for people with a lung condition to breathe and make their condition worse. It can also increase all our chances of getting a lung condition and cause lasting damage to children’s growing lungs.

This pollution contributes to up to 40,000 early deaths each year

It’s a public health crisis and we’re campaigning to change this. More than 20,000 people signed our petition and told the government that we need far more action on air pollution.

We need:

  • Clean air zones to be established across the UK in the most polluted places
  • A new clean air act that sets legal limits in line with the World Health Organisation’s safe limits
  • More monitoring outside schools in polluted places

We're working with decision-makers across the UK to make sure air pollution is prioritised and these policies are put in place. Find out what we're asking for.

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